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Micro Shelter Solution releasing a support for Obzerv’s camera

Micro Shelter Solution is releasing a camera support dedicated to the ARGC long range laser range gated camera from Obzerv.

Blog reprint: Terror boat incident brings India's post-Mumbai Coastal Security Network into focus

The 'terror boat' incident off the coast of Gujarat shows that the seaborne option continues to find favour with Pakistan based terrorist networks post 26/11. Shaken out of its stupor by Mumbai 2008, the Government of India (GOI) has since been setting up a coastal surveillance network (CSN) consisting of both static radar and electrooptical sensors at various remote sites under the auspices of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG). While the first phase of this project is now complete with all 46 sites operational, work on PhaseII
is currently underway. Progress has also been made in integrating existing CSN sites with other tracking and sensor networks already operational along the Indian coastline. Beyond that however attention needs to be given to developing and deploying systems that can detect threats such as fiberglass semisubmersibles and go fast boats that have very low detectability signatures. Given worldwide trends and India's strengthening coastal defences, nonstate
actors might just opt to up the ante by using asymmetric innovations in a bid to penetrate India's defences.

Obzerv Technologies, Inc. Introduce Clients to Benefits of Night Vision Cameras

As the war on drugs continues, the world is battling against forces that operate at nighttime, when borders are deemed to be at their most vulnerable. One of the leading tools within the country's battle against drug trafficking is the use of night vision cameras posted at border control areas along the country. These night vision systems enhance the field of vision for security operators and enable threats to be identified more promptly, assuring a swift resolution to potentially deadly security breaches. For the best available night vision technology in the marketplace today, companies are now turning to Obzerv Technologies, Inc.

Obzerv Technologies Guiding Clients on Advantages of Long Range Surveillance Systems

Security system teams around the globe are continually under ever-greater pressure to improve the results of their work while consolidating expenditure. This means that organizations within the surveillance and security field are searching for technology that will enhance their current operations and offer a return on investment in the long term. The value proposition offered by long range surveillance systems manufactured by Obzerv Technologies, Inc. is unparalleled in this regard.

High Performance Night Vision Surveillance System with an Innovative Night Vision Camera by Obzerv Technologies Inc.

Security teams around the globe are continuously trying to improve their capabilities and consolidate the cost of deploying the latest surveillance systems. This requires extensive research within the surveillance field to review the latest systems being manufactured and how each system can help to resolve the latest operational demands. Proactive surveillance teams around the globe are now integrating the ARGC-2400 night vision surveillance system within their current surveillance infrastructure.

Obzerv Technologies, Inc. Empowers High Level Night Vision Surveillancein Border Surveillance Activities

Terrorism and piracy represent two growing threats to which security operators working in coastal and border areas must now respond. Monitoring waterways at night has been a long-standing problem for security teams, as the combination of limited light and large coverage area complicate the issue. But new advances in security technology are helping teams overcome their operational challenges. Night vision surveillance technology from expert manufacturers such as Obzerv Technologies, Inc. supports a proactive response to potential threats at borders and coastlines around the globe. The ARGC long range camera systems empower security teams with greater accurate information so threats can be identified sooner, even in inhospitable areas.

Obzerv Technologies launches its first Passive Intensified Camera Module: the PIC-75

Quebec, Canada – February 17th, 2013 – Obzerv Technologies Inc., a designer and manufacturer of active range-gated night vision cameras has launched at IDEX its latest passive intensified night vision camera module, the PIC-75.

Obzerv is selected as one of the Fast 50 and Fast 500 Technology companies for a second consecutive year

Quebec, Canada – January 31, 2013 –, Obzerv Technologies Inc., a leader in active range-gated technology, is proud to announce its selection by Deloitte's 2012 Technology Fast 50™ Canada and Technology Fast 500™ North America for a second consecutive year. Technology Fast 50™ Canada recognizes the 50 fastest growing Canadian technology companies with the highest percentage of revenue growth over five years. This year, Obzerv was ranked 27th 10 positions higher then last year. This positive movement in the Technology Fast 50™ ranking was fueled by a 336 percent increase in revenues. In addition to this award, Technology Fast 500™ recognizes the 500 fastest growing technology companies in North America, where Obzerv ranked at the 239th position.

Obzerv Technologies Inc. receives a Contract from Bharat Electronics Ltd. for 46 Range-Gated Cameras

Quebec, Canada – January 17, 2012 – Obzerv Technologies Inc. has received a contract from Bharat Electronics Ltd. to supply 46 ARGC-2400 cameras. Obzerv's electro-optic cameras will be integrated by Bangalore-based defense Public Sector Company Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) in a multi sensors Coastal Surveillance System. Each system to be supplied to Indian Coastguard will include: the ARGC-2400, a thermal imager, a radar station and meteorological sensors, all of which will be mounted on lighthouses and towers. While the radars and thermal imagers will be dedicated to the detection and location of intrusions from the sea, the ARGC-2400 cameras will be used to classify and identify those targets to provide situational awareness and the ability to counter a threat.

Obzerv Technologies Inc. selected as the Emerging Visionary Company of the year

Quebec, Canada – December 7, 2011 – Obzerv Technologies Inc. is pleased to report that it has won the “2011 Trophées Vision” Award for the Emerging Visionary Company of the year. This prominent award highlights Obzerv's impressive growth over the last 3 years and a promising future. It is sponsored by “Investissement Québec”, and awarded by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chartered Accountants of Quebec.

Obzerv selected as one of the 50 fastest growing Canadian Technology Companies

Quebec, Canada – October 19, 2011 – Obzerv Technologies Inc. is among a fine number of select companies composing the 2011 Technology Fast 50™ program from Deloitte. A colossal increase in revenues of 437% from 2006 to 2010 has enabled Obzerv to rank 37th among this exclusive group. Technology Fast 50™recognizes the 50 fastest growing Canadian technology companies with the highest percentage revenue growth over five years. This most prestigious technology award in Canada recognizes technological innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid growth. The four criteria considered by the jury were the competitive advantage; the size, growth and market attractiveness; the management effectiveness and organization and the financial performance.

News reprint from Times of India, Rajat Pandit, September 12th 2011

New Dehli - September 12, 2011 - A decade after it was first mooted and three years after the 26/11 terror strikes in Mumbai, the government is now finally scrambling to kick-start the static coastal radar chain and the national AIS (automatic identification system) network to dynamically detect and track suspicious vessels entering Indian waters.

News reprint from DECCAN HERALD Kalyan Ray, New Delhi, August 10th 2011

New Dehli - August 10th 2011 - After a gap of more than 10 years, the Centre is now set to establish 46 coastal radar stations from September with a promise of putting the entire network in place within a year, a step that will plug loopholes in coastal security.

OBZERV Commercially Releases a Modular Active Range-Gated Camera for Airborne Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets

Quebec, Canada – June 14, 2010 – Obzerv Technologies Inc. today announces the commercial availability of a Modular Active Range-Gated Camera. Airborne Multi- Spectral Imaging Turrets manufacturers around the world are constantly increasing the number of sensors available as well as their performances. The commercial availability of Obzerv Modular Range-Gated Camera, will fast track the deployment of Active Range-Gated Imaging capability in existing Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets.

Quebec City company lands Japanese airport contract

MARCH 23, 2010

Haneda Airport Rolls Out Obzerv Range-Gated Cameras

Quebec, Canada – March 23, 2010 – Haneda Airport has chosen Obzerv’s cameras to perform the coastal surveillance around its new runway. Several ARGC-750 cameras will be deployed to monitor strategic long-range airport locations.
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