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Obzerv Technologies, Inc. Introduce Clients to Benefits of Night Vision Cameras

As the war on drugs continues, the world is battling against forces that operate at nighttime, when borders are deemed to be at their most vulnerable. One of the leading tools within the country's battle against drug trafficking is the use of night vision cameras posted at border control areas along the country. These night vision systems enhance the field of vision for security operators and enable threats to be identified more promptly, assuring a swift resolution to potentially deadly security breaches. For the best available night vision technology in the marketplace today, companies are now turning to Obzerv Technologies, Inc.

By identifying targets in environments where there is limited or no environmental light, Obzerv Technologies' systems represent the very forefront of the security equipment field. One of the leading operational advantages of installing the company's night vision cameras within border areas is that they have been designed to see through glass. This means that security teams are able to identify potential assailants on boats and cars. Where previous thermal imaging systems would only allow operators to see the temperature contrast, as the light reflected off the boat. In addition, because the solution can easily be integrated within the client's current VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management System) radar or infrared camera, companies can achieve a seamless security solution that provides their employees with the necessary data to take proactive measures in preventing security breaches from occurring.

The Active Range-Gated night vision cameras, designed by Obzerv, have been built specifically for coastal surveillance, land surveillance, industrial surveillance, perimeter and border surveillance applications. Whether they're utilized on land or over a coastline, these systems operate to provide teams with crystal-clear line-of-sight across their surveillance field. Obzerv's cameras enable operators to meet advanced security criteria, set in place by governmental organizations. For example, according to the latest legislation, teams must visually identify the number of people on-board a ship that have been declared by that ship's crew. It's also imperative for operators to see over a distance whether goods are being taken from the ship and deployed to a smaller craft to identify potential drug smuggling operations. Obzerv's ARGC cameras can be utilized to measure a ship's flotation line. By simply clicking twice on a screen connected to the ARGC camera's software, teams can see whether the ship's flotation line is accurate with the ship's information of the cargo. This valuable information can be discerned within a consolidated timeframe, while the ship is kilometers off-shore. This then provides teams with both the data and the timeframe to make a proactive decision on how to resolve any potential security situation that may arise.

It's the technology that is putting security forces on the front foot against today's leading border threats. To learn more about Obzerv and its products, visit the company's website at

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