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Obzerv Technologies Guiding Clients on Advantages of Long Range Surveillance Systems

Security system teams around the globe are continually under ever-greater pressure to improve the results of their work while consolidating expenditure. This means that organizations within the surveillance and security field are searching for technology that will enhance their current operations and offer a return on investment in the long term. The value proposition offered by long range surveillance systems manufactured by Obzerv Technologies, Inc. is unparalleled in this regard.

Obzerv Technologies' cameras combine several technologies to improve the ability of surveillance teams to complete their work with speed and success. Companies across the defense and security sector require long range surveillance systems that perform under a broad range of weather conditions. That's because the weather in coastal regions, in particular, can change rapidly. The Active Range-Gating technology employed in Obzerv's long range surveillance cameras synchronizes camera intensifiers and laser light beams to turn on at the very moment for accurate viewing. By selecting a specific slice of space, operators can then utilize this technology to identify targets without the distortion experienced by those using other systems. There's no over exposure and no wasted footage – ensuring that companies maximize the value of their overall expenditure on surveillance operations.

Another leading reason for the implementation of long range surveillance technology such as the ARGC cameras offered by Obzerv is that such systems can improve a company's ability to identify threats long before they arrive in an area where they can cause potential danger. In coastal surveillance applications, where ships are entering the shoreline, long range surveillance solutions offered by Obzerv enable security team to identify the name of the boat kilometers away from shore. This gives teams enough time to review available responses and protect critical infrastructures. The technology built into the ARGC cameras also helps teams to ascertain how many individuals are on board a moving vessel or vehicle. This level of data dissemination then gives the organization a tool for building a proactive response to the potential situation. Where assailants are identified and determined to be civilians, the organization has then potentially saved numerous man hours and costs, as well as reducing casualties.

By utilizing the ARGC cameras from Obzerv Technologies Inc., security teams can also reduce their long range surveillance infrastructure costs. The Active Range-Gated technology means that operators can see at a greater distance and with a wider field of vision than traditionally afforded with competitor systems. Instead of installing several cameras at a border control facility, companies can now utilize one or two cameras to cover a larger area at a greater distance. Indeed, the ARGC camera systems can be integrated to infrared cameras for better detection capabilities. Also, the costs saved utilizing such solutions could be essential in helping to prevent future security events from occurring.

By working with Obzerv Technologies, Inc. forward-thinking security teams can harness the strength of today's most innovative surveillance systems to streamline their operations, saving money, time and potentially innocent lives. To learn more about Obzerv and its products, visit the company's website at

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Obzerv's active range-gating technology
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