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Obzerv is commercially releasing a new image processing module

Quebec, Canada – September 15, 2015 Obzerv Technologies Inc. today announces
the commercial availability of a new image processing module, the iSeeTM option.

Obzerv Technologies' Long Range Camera System Helping Police Watch Demonstrations

As civil unrest rises across the globe, the technology offered by leading surveillance system manufacturers such as Obzerv Technologies, Inc. is becoming an increasingly important security tool for police forces. The company's ARGC-2400 long range camera system equips police teams with the surveillance capacity to monitor civilian protests and identify assailants who may cause harm to the general public, at long distances.

Obzerv Technologies launches its first Passive Intensified Camera Module: the PIC-75

Quebec, Canada – February 17th, 2013 – Obzerv Technologies Inc., a designer and manufacturer of active range-gated night vision cameras has launched at IDEX its latest passive intensified night vision camera module, the PIC-75.

Obzerv is selected as one of the Fast 50 and Fast 500 Technology companies for a second consecutive year

Quebec, Canada – January 31, 2013 –, Obzerv Technologies Inc., a leader in active range-gated technology, is proud to announce its selection by Deloitte's 2012 Technology Fast 50™ Canada and Technology Fast 500™ North America for a second consecutive year. Technology Fast 50™ Canada recognizes the 50 fastest growing Canadian technology companies with the highest percentage of revenue growth over five years. This year, Obzerv was ranked 27th 10 positions higher then last year. This positive movement in the Technology Fast 50™ ranking was fueled by a 336 percent increase in revenues. In addition to this award, Technology Fast 500™ recognizes the 500 fastest growing technology companies in North America, where Obzerv ranked at the 239th position.

Obzerv Technologies Inc. receives a Contract from Bharat Electronics Ltd. for 46 Range-Gated Cameras

Quebec, Canada – January 17, 2012 – Obzerv Technologies Inc. has received a contract from Bharat Electronics Ltd. to supply 46 ARGC-2400 cameras. Obzerv’s electro-optic cameras will be integrated by Bangalore-based defense Public Sector Company Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) in a multi sensors Coastal Surveillance System. Each system to be supplied to Indian Coastguard will include: the ARGC-2400, a thermal imager, a radar station and meteorological sensors, all of which will be mounted on lighthouses and towers. While the radars and thermal imagers will be dedicated to the detection and location of intrusions from the sea, the ARGC-2400 cameras will be used to classify and identify those targets to provide situational awareness and the ability to counter a threat.

Obzerv Technologies Inc. selected as the Emerging Visionary Company of the year

Quebec, Canada – December 7, 2011 – Obzerv Technologies Inc. is pleased to report that it has won the “2011 Trophées Vision” Award for the Emerging Visionary Company of the year. This prominent award highlights Obzerv’s impressive growth over the last 3 years and a promising future. It is sponsored by “Investissement Québec”, and awarded by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chartered Accountants of Quebec.

Obzerv selected as one of the 50 fastest growing Canadian Technology Companies

Quebec, Canada – October 19, 2011 – Obzerv Technologies Inc. is among a fine number of select companies composing the 2011 Technology Fast 50™ program from Deloitte. A colossal increase in revenues of 437% from 2006 to 2010 has enabled Obzerv to rank 37th among this exclusive group and 213th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ program for North America. Technology Fast 50™recognizes the 50 fastest growing Canadian technology companies with the highest percentage revenue growth over five years. This most prestigious technology award in Canada recognizes technological innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid growth. The four criteria considered by the jury were the competitive advantage; the size, growth and market attractiveness; the management effectiveness and organization and the financial performance.

Obzerv’s Commercially Releases a Modular Active Range-Gated Camera for Airborne Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets

Quebec, Canada – June 14, 2010 – Obzerv Technologies Inc. today announces the commercial availability of a Modular Active Range-Gated Camera. Airborne Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets manufacturers around the world are constantly increasing the number of sensors available as well as their performances. The commercial availability of Obzerv’s Modular Range-Gated Camera, will fast track the deployment of Active Range-Gated Imaging capability in existing Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets.

Obzerv’s commercially launches its first fully integrated Range-Gated & Thermal Imaging solution

Quebec, Canada – April 26, 2010 Obzerv Technologies announces today that it commercially launches its first integrated solution comprising Obzerv’s flagship Range-Gated Camera the ARGC-2400 and the well known ThermoVision 2000/3000 thermal imaging cameras. This new integrated solution capitalizes on the inherent strengths of Ranged-Gating and thermal imaging technologies, hence, providing an exceptional surveillance solution.

Haneda Airport Rolls Out Obzerv Range-Gated Cameras

Quebec, Canada – March 23, 2010 – Haneda Airport has chosen Obzerv’s cameras to perform the coastal surveillance around its new runway. Several ARGC-750 cameras will be deployed to monitor strategic long-range airport locations.

Obzerv Awarded Contract by NSWC for ARGC-2400 Active Range-Gated Camera

Quebec, Canada - December 7, 2009 - Obzerv Technologies Inc. announces today that it has secured a contract with the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division for its ARGC-2400 long-range night vision camera.

Obzerv Upgrades the Spationav Project in France with high-end cameras

Quebec, Canada - June 22, 2009 - Obzerv announces that it has obtained a contract from EADS-Sofrelog for two ARGC-2400 cameras to upgrade two  Semaphores for the Spationav project directed by the French DGA (Délégation Générale pour l’Armement). Moreover, Obzerv announces that the integration by EADS-Sofrelog was declared successful by the DGA. In this Spationav program, whilst the radars are dedicated for the detection of unusual activities and threats, the ARGC-2400 cameras are used, day and night, to recognize and identify those targets.

Obzerv’s cameras monitor the Strait of Malacca

Quebec, Canada - April 7, 2009 - Several long-range surveillance ARGC-2400 cameras from Obzerv Technologies have been installed in Malaysia to improve the Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency’s (MMEA) capacity for the maritime security in the straits and Malaysian territorial waters.

Obzerv Awarded $600k DRDC Contract for Canadian Arctic Surveillance

Quebec, Canada - December 5, 2007 - Obzerv Technologies announces today that it has been awarded a $600k contract by DRDC-Valcartier (Defense Research and Development Canada) to supply an Electro Optical imaging system incorporating the ARGC-2400 for the Department of National Defense (DND) Technical Demonstration (TD) Project named Northern Watch. The long-term trend of decreasing ice coverage in the Arctic - often presented as evidence for global climate change - is predicted to create conditions for increased maritime traffic and increased economic development that the opened waterways will create. The Northern Watch TD was initiated by DRDC to identify and evaluate combinations of sensors and systems for the cost-effective surveillance of maritime traffic through a unique and fragile Canadian Arctic.

Obzerv Secures Seven ARGC-2400 Orders Totaling more than C$2.5 M

Quebec, Canada - October 3, 2007 - Obzerv Technologies Inc. announces today that it has secured three separate contracts for seven units of its ARGC-2400 long-range night vision camera. The contracts originate from three different countries and combine for a total of more than C$2.5 M.

Obzerv announces a 650 K$ contract with Canadian Department of National Defense.

Quebec, Canada - January 25, 2007 - Obzerv Technologies Inc. today announces that it has been awarded by DRDC (Defense Research and Development Canada) a 650 K$ CAD contract to develop and integrate an active-range-gated camera payload into an L-3 Wescam MX-20 Multi-Spectral Imaging turret. This contract is a valuable part of the AIMS (Advanced Integrated Multi-Sensing Surveillance) TDP (Technology Demonstration Project) that covers improvement of tactical surveillance and SAR sensing capabilities for the Canadian Forces. The targeted platforms are FWSAR, CP-140 as well as UAV's.

Obzerv unveils its active portable camera: the ATV-500p

Quebec, Canada – November 22, 2005 – Obzerv Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of laser range-gated night vision surveillance systems, is proud to announce the launch of its active portable range-gated camera: the ATV-500p. Developed to answer the multiple requests received from the police and special task forces wishing to benefit from the same advantages of the ARGC-2400 in a portable version. Capabilities of the ATV-500p include: identification of individuals, reading of license plates, surveillance through windows and sniper detection. Thanks to the quality of its images and its resolution, the ATV-500p is also very efficient in collecting of evidence at medium range. Obzerv is now in a position to answer special intervention groups demands by providing this highly performing product they will not be able to operate without anymore.

Obzerv sells laser range-gated night vision surveillance system to the French army

Quebec, Canada – July 5, 2005 – Obzerv Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of laser range-gated night vision surveillance systems, announced today that it has been awarded a contract to deliver such a system for the French Army Parisian Expertise Center (DGA/DET/CEP).

Obzerv's Active Imaging system passes final acceptance test by the US Navy.

Quebec, Canada – August 16, 2004 – Obzerv Technologies, a manufacturer of night-vision surveillance systems, announced today that the US Navy has successfully completed its acceptance tests of the Active Range-Gated Television (ARGTV) designed, and built by Obzerv. The unit was delivered in May 2004 and went through lab testing and field trials to validate its performance and functionality. The final part of the tests involved reading 15-inch (38.1 cm) high letters (50% contrast with target background) at 3 miles (4.8 km), 80% relative humidity, in total darkness (no moon light), which was achieved easily.

Obzerv Technologies launched the first commercial active imaging system: the ARGC-2400

Quebec, Canada – June 16, 2004 – Obzerv Technologies Inc., an emerging designer and manufacturer of active imaging night vision systems have launched at Eurosatory this week its first commercial version of the ultra long range night vision system, the ARGC-2400.

Extreme CCTV Closes Strategic Investment and Initiates Commercial Partnership with Obzerv Technologies Inc.

Quebec, Canada – September 16, 2003 – VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--Extreme CCTV Inc., (TSX: EXC) ("Extreme") the security industry's leading supplier of active infrared night vision devices, announced today that it has closed a previously announced strategic investment (June 24, 2003) into Obzerv Technologies Inc. ("Obzerv") of Quebec City, Quebec. Extreme also announces that the terms of the strategic partnership have been defined and agreed between the two companies. Further to its press release dated July 31, 2003, net proceeds of the $8,000,100 private placement of Special Warrants have been released by the Escrow Agent to Extreme as having met the requirement to close the Strategic Investment into Obzerv on or before September 12, 2003.
Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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