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High Performance Night Vision Surveillance System with an Innovative Night Vision Camera by Obzerv Technologies Inc.

Security teams around the globe are continuously trying to improve their capabilities and consolidate the cost of deploying the latest surveillance systems. This requires extensive research within the surveillance field to review the latest systems being manufactured and how each system can help to resolve the latest operational demands. Proactive surveillance teams around the globe are now integrating the ARGC-2400 night vision surveillance system within their current surveillance infrastructure.

Obzerv Technologies is the world's leader in active range-gating technology. The company employees a team of industry researchers, product designers and manufacturing experts to build unique systems that advance the capabilities of modern surveillance teams. One of their flagship products is the ARGC-2400 night vision surveillance system. Combining the ARGC-2400 camera developed by Obzerv and any IR camera available on the market, this system supports full-scale detection, classification and identification within coastal and border surveillance applications.

The infrared component of this industry-leading night vision surveillance system scans the horizon to detect potential threats. In this process, the next step of the security team is to engage the range-gating component of the ARGC-2400 to read the ship's name at a distance of 10km. The ARGC-2400 works also to assess the height of the flotation line of the ship, preparing coastal security teams with actual information for a proactive response to any potential threat. The range-gating technology within the ARGC-2400 can also be utilized to identify pointed optics, including binoculars, reflective stripes on life vests, gun sights and the eyes of potential targets.

By utilizing this latest night vision surveillance system from Obzerv, coastal security teams are given the advantage of additional time to respond to threats. Teams can pinpoint suspect locations in real-time utilizing the built-in mapping display of the ARGC-2400, giving them a tactical advantage in the event of a possible threat from the suspect.á Another of the leading value propositions for the product is that it allows security teams to operate within all weather conditions.

In terms of the cost of implementing such solutions, governments can consolidate their expenditure significantly. By harnessing the precision of the ARGC-2400's long distance identification capabilities, governments can minimize the false interventions that significantly reduce their available resources while completing high-priority surveillance operations.

Effective nighttime surveillance operations depend upon the deployment of the latest night vision surveillance systems. Trust Obzerv Technologies, Inc. for the industry's most dependable and innovative technology, during day and night. The requisite solution for your firm's surveillance applications is a simple phone call away. Contact the team at Obzerv Technologies, Inc. today to learn more about the company and its product.

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Founded in 2002, Obzerv Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Quebec City, QC, Canada. Obzerv is specialized in the design and manufacturing of active range-gated imaging systems for night vision and long-range surveillance.To learn more about Obzerv and its products, visit the companyʼs Web site at

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