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Obzerv Technologies launches its first Passive Intensified Camera Module: the PIC-75

Quebec, Canada – February 17th, 2013 – Obzerv Technologies Inc., a designer and manufacturer of active range-gated night vision cameras has launched at IDEX its latest passive intensified night vision camera module, the PIC-75.

Obzerv PIC-75 INTENSIFIED CCD CAMERA is a compact and lightweight night vision camera core. The PIC-75 will amplify low light in a wide range of wavelength hence revealing more details of the scene of interest in total darkness. This core module is composed of a high performance image intensifier coupled to a CCD sensor. It includes all the high voltage power supplies required for efficient fast gating. The image intensifier is an electro-optical component based on a Micro Channel Plate (MCP). The MCP amplifies electronically an image focused onto a photocathode. The intensified image is then transmitted from the intensifier phosphor screen to a CCD sensor by means of a proprietary fiber optic bundle coupling. The camera can be operated in continuous mode or gated at high frequencies.

Unlike Electron Multiplying CCD cameras (EMCCD), the PIC-75 does not require cooling of its CCD sensor, thus avoiding condensation problems. The PIC-75 camera can be configured in progressive scan mode providing better image quality without any frame- to-frame artifacts for highly dynamic scenes. With a physical size of 124 mm x 79 mm x 39 mm and weighting only 320 g, this Passive ICCD Camera is one of the smallest and lightest integrated core module on the market.

This core module can be used in a wide variety of applications, and is a perfect fit for the stringent requirements of tactical situational awareness in military environments.
This camera is a complement to Obzerv Active Range-Gated cameras line and integrated solutions. “Over the years we have received numerous requests for our intensified cameras as stand alone products. More recently as we reviewed the worldwide market demand for such core modules, we came to the conclusion that we could capture an interesting market share with a properly packaged core module and decided to capitalized on this opportunity.” said Alain Laflamme, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. For more information about this camera visit Obzerv Technologies at Hall 01, stand C01 at IDEX in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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