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Obzerv Technologies, Inc. Empowers High Level Night Vision Surveillancein Border Surveillance Activities

Terrorism and piracy represent two growing threats to which security operators working in coastal and border areas must now respond. Monitoring waterways at night has been a long-standing problem for security teams, as the combination of limited light and large coverage area complicate the issue. But new advances in security technology are helping teams overcome their operational challenges. Night vision surveillance technology from expert manufacturers such as Obzerv Technologies, Inc. supports a proactive response to potential threats at borders and coastlines around the globe. The ARGC long range camera systems empower security teams with greater accurate information so threats can be identified sooner, even in inhospitable areas.

At 6KM, the ARGC-2400 from Obzerv Technologies, Inc. can identify boats that are moving towards a coastline. With the vessel traveling, security teams working to protect the border might have short time to react if they are to intercept it at a safe distance from shore. This shortreaction time can make the difference between successfully preventing a terrorist attack on the mainland and allow a target to utilize their on-board weapon. Typical cameras still in use at main coastal areas might have only detected a speeding boat at just 1km away from the mainland. Detection at this distance gives team's just low information to intercept a potential threat. This is clearly not a sufficient timeframe to coordinate a response with all security teams. Only by working with high performance night vision surveillance technology such as the ARGC-2400 can teams successfully pre-empt an attack with proactive long-distance identification.

Long distance surveillance technology such as the range-gated systems built by Obzerv Technologies, Inc. is also helping countries crack down on other illegal activities. In Kenya, for example, there has been a recent spike of poaching across the country in 2013. Poachers have killed hundreds of elephants and tigers in recent years and officials in Kenya are now turning to night vision surveillance technology to help crack down of this epidemic issue. The ARGC series from Obzerv Technologies, Inc. is a leading tool for this type of security application. Consider for example the ARGC-750. This solution is engineered for perimeter surveillance and, therefore, can be installed on a vehicle or a tripod, and supports proactive security activities within the surveyed location. With the ARGC-750 at their disposal, teams can identify vehicles at a range of up to 4km, thereby quickly targeting potential poacher vehicles within a consolidated timeframe and keep images as proof.

One of the advantages of the firm's line of night vision surveillance products is that they're each designed to work during day and night, as well as in all climates. So whether teams are operating from a station in a coastal area of North America or from a monitoring point on the desert plains of Kenya, security remains highly controlled and seamlessly effective.

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Founded in 2002, Obzerv Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Quebec City, QC, Canada. Obzerv is specialized in the design and manufacturing of active range-gated imaging systems for night vision and long-range surveillance.To learn more about Obzerv and its products, visit the company's website at

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