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Night Vision Cameras

Our night vision cameras allow you to
Operate in total darkness Perform in degraded weather conditions See through glass Reduce parasitic lights
Obzerv Technologies Inc. – Next Generation Night Vision Specialists

Surveillance professionals require monitoring solutions that offer accurate real-time data at all times of the day and night. Modern thermal imaging solutions simply aren't up to the job. That's why companies are now turning to Obzerv Technologies Inc. - the team behind the cutting-edge range-gating technology that is set to transform the industry.

The company's innovative long-gated cameras are ideal for a wide range of applications:

Coastal & border

Whether coast guard personnel are involved in anti-piracy and counter terrorism, in maritime domain awareness, in perimeter and harbor security, in threats to strategic assets, in illegal immigration, in search and rescue operations, or investigating targets as part of the on-going war on drugs, Obzerv Technologies' solutions offer the very highest level of visual clarity at a greater distance than any other products on the market. Utilizing the company's range-gated cameras, threats can be assessed sooner, reducing the risk to surveillance personnel, even when visibility is minimal. Learn more...


With the increasing threat of terrorism around the globe, security apparatuses surrounding industrial infrastructure such as large industrial sites, oil and gas plants, off-shore drilling platforms, airports and oil pipelines must be enhanced. Obzerv's Technologies' long gated cameras allow monitoring staff to identify threats and distinguish between nefarious and harmless activity from a distance of up to 10km away from the camera target. Learn more...


In warfare, high resolution night vision cameras are essential. The side that deploys the highest quality night vision system will win almost all engagements. The present theaters of war are now either on site, man-to-man or at long-range standoff distances with high-tech equipment. They occur during day and night time and sometimes through degraded atmospheric conditions. To answer those requirements, Obzerv cameras can show critical target details such as vehicle identification, pattern recognition, the presence of rifles, weapons, etc. Learn more...


As security threats increase globally, there is a great onus on local forces to protect the population from the emerging threats. Obzerv Technologies supports local police work by preparing officers for both medium-range intervention and long-range monitoring with the latest systems. This company's portable solution, the ARGC-750 is ideal for medium-range deployments such as in hostage scenarios and crowd control whereas the company's outstanding long range night vision cameras such as the ARGC-2400 Thermovision, are the requisite equipment for conducting monitoring activities at a distance of up to 10 km. Learn more...

Long range security for the long term future…

Obzerv systems simplify monitoring activities by ensuring leading-class long-range accuracy. Trust Obzerv Technologies Inc. and join the surveillance teams around the globe that are capitalizing on the company's outstanding innovations within their operations.

Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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