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THE OBZERV WASHING STATION allows you to clean the external windows of your camera, while staying in front of the console and simply pressing a button on the touch screen.

The nozzle is installed on the support of the camera situated on the side of the ARGC, out of the field of view. The tank and pump system, weather-proof yet easy to open and refill, sits at the system's foot. They are resistant to the bad weather and the closet is easy to open for maintenance and replenishment. The tank's water tube runs in the nozzle's arm and water is fed by the pump, which is safely located inside the tank assembly. When the operator presses the washing station button from the console, the ARGC camera turns towards the nozzle, the pump sends pressurized water in the water tube, and a thin but strong flat spray comes out of the nozzle to clean out the external windows.

Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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