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Obzerv Technologies launched the first commercial active imaging system: the ARGC-2400

Quebec, Canada – June 16, 2004 – Obzerv Technologies Inc., an emerging designer and manufacturer of active imaging night vision systems have launched at Eurosatory this week its first commercial version of the ultra long range night vision system, the ARGC-2400.

Capable of observing ships up to 20 km and identify her name up to 5 km, this surveillance tool is now considered the most advanced in the world since it provides sharp, real time images in complete darkness and adverse weather conditions like rain, fog, and snow; environments which are frequently encountered in mission activities such as intelligence gathering, coast guard operations, border surveillance, antiterrorism operations, search and rescue and much more.

Moreover, this system allows visualization of objects and individuals through glass, an indispensable feature for observing the interior of buildings, vehicles and ship's wheelhouse.

The ARGC-2400 takes advantage of a series of cutting-edge technologies developed and integrated by OBZERV. Key features include the range gating technology, the near-infrared DALISTM laser illuminator, and a high magnification motorized continuous zoom with a magnification of up to 270 and an intuitive user interface.

Obzerv Technologies, private company, based in Quebec City, Canada, develop and commercialize active imaging night vision systems for demanding surveillance applications.

Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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