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Obzerv’s cameras monitor the Strait of Malacca

Quebec, Canada - April 7, 2009 - Several long-range surveillance ARGC-2400 cameras from Obzerv Technologies have been installed in Malaysia to improve the Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency’s (MMEA) capacity for the maritime security in the straits and Malaysian territorial waters.

From economic and strategic perspectives, the Strait of Malacca is one of the most important shipping lanes in the world. The Strait carries 70,000 vessels per year, that is close to one quarter of the world's sea trade. Moreover, it has grown to be the main passageway for oil for major world consumers such as Japan and China. As a consequence, this area has become a target for piracy attacks. In reaction, the Japanese government has offered the last three cameras to the MMEA to complete its surveillance system network. The handing-over ceremony was held at Klang on March 21, 2009.

The ARGC-2400 cameras have been integrated to existing radar stations to enhance the smooth flow of sea traffic along the 900 km channel. While the radars are dedicated to the detection and location of unusual activities and threats, the ARGC-2400 cameras are used to classify and clearly identify those targets.

“Because of its long-range detailed identification capability, the ARGC-2400 has become an indispensable tool to prevent piracy acts, illegal immigration, smuggling, and terrorism. This program demonstrates the satisfaction of the customer regarding the matchless capabilities and versatilities of our range-gated cameras”, says Mr. Deni Bonnier, President of Obzerv. “We are delighted that the MMEA has chosen Obzerv to provide the long-range cameras required for such a critical mission”, he concluded.

Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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