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Obzerv Awarded $600k DRDC Contract for Canadian Arctic Surveillance

Quebec, Canada - December 5, 2007 - Obzerv Technologies announces today that it has been awarded a $600k contract by DRDC-Valcartier (Defense Research and Development Canada) to supply an Electro Optical imaging system incorporating the ARGC-2400 for the Department of National Defense (DND) Technical Demonstration (TD) Project named Northern Watch. The long-term trend of decreasing ice coverage in the Arctic - often presented as evidence for global climate change - is predicted to create conditions for increased maritime traffic and increased economic development that the opened waterways will create. The Northern Watch TD was initiated by DRDC to identify and evaluate combinations of sensors and systems for the cost-effective surveillance of maritime traffic through a unique and fragile Canadian Arctic.

Obzerv will deliver a fully integrated situational awareness solution, which combines its ARGC-2400 long range identification camera, a high-end thermal camera and a moving map display developed by CarteNav Solutions of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The system will be referred to as CANDISS (Canadian Arctic Night and Day Imaging Surveillance System)

The ARGC-2400 was selected not only for its outstanding performance in long-range classification and identification, but also for its incomparable range-gating capabilities, which enable outstanding imaging results through degraded weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog. The range-gated system features a precisely synchronized highefficiency laser source and electronic shutter, resulting in image contrast levels not achievable through conventional imaging systems.

"We are delighted to participate in the Northern Watch program and to continue our long collaboration with DRDC-Valcartier in their Active Imaging program. The ARGC-2400 is having increasing success in strategic waterway surveillance in Asia, in the Middle East, and in Europe," says Mr. Bonnier, President of Obzerv Technologies. "We are looking forward to extending its capabilities for the Northern Watch deployment to the uniquely challenging conditions of the Canadian Arctic."

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