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Obzerv is commercially releasing a new image processing module

Quebec, Canada – September 15, 2015 Obzerv Technologies Inc. today announces
the commercial availability of a new image processing module, the iSeeTM option.

Even though the ARGC cameras are conceived to work in harsh weather conditions,
producing good quality images through fog, haze, snow, sandstorm and rainy conditions
is far from being an easy task during daytime or nighttime operations.

Obzervʼs new “image stabilizer and electronic enhancer” (iSeeTM) is the answer to this
common operational challenge. The utilization of our new iSeeTM option during daytime
operations is giving our ARGC camerasʼ colors sensors a substantial performance boost.
Obzervʼs iSeeTM works by processing the analog video signal in order to provide image
enhancement, video image stabilization and atmospheric effect reduction.

No matter the distance of operation, the ARGC-2400 and ARGC-750 can further benefit
from a built-in electronic stabilization algorithm with instantaneous correction between
two images of 10% in horizontal or vertical movement, and 10° in rotation, no matter the
frequency from 0 to 25 Hz.

This module is integrated in the Master Control Unit (MCU) and once enabled, process
the various video feeds generated by Obzerv multi-sensor cameras. No need for an
extra button or connection, everything is easily available to the camera operator. iSeeTM
is available across Obzervʼs Active Range-Gated camera models, furthermore, older
system deployed can be retrofitted to benefit from these new capabilities to enhance the
camerasʼ performance.

For more information about iSeeTM or Obzerv ARGC cameras, please visit our Master
Control Unit section

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