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The ARGC-2400 NIGHT VISION CAMERA is Obzerv's flagship product. It has been engineered to meet the stringent requirements of coastal & border surveillance as well as Critical Infrastructures protection. With a range-gated intensified camera for night surveillance and two color sensors (Narrow Field Of View (NFOV) and Wide Field Of View (WFOV)) for day operation, the ARGC-2400 is uniquely positioned to provide unequaled identification performance.

The ARGC-2400 takes advantage of a series of cutting-edge technologies developed by Obzerv. Its key features include: a patent pending laser illuminator operating in the near-infrared that matches perfectly the field of view, a unique range-gated Intensified Charge Coupled Device (ICCD) camera incorporating a highly sensitive custom Gen III intensifier tube and an achromatic high magnification continuous zoom telescope. Such technology package would not be complete without Obzerv's friendly and intuitive user interface to control the ARGC-2400 suite of sensors. The ARGC-2400 supplies critical data in real time and its video stream can be recorded for further evidence or analysis.

Engineered for long-range identification, this system can:

  • Read license plate at up to 1.2 km
  • Recognize a human being at 8 km
  • Classify a vehicle at 10 km
  • Pinpoint people in search and rescue activities at a distance greater than 10 km
  • Detect optical sight


  • Range gated intensified CCD camera (Gen III or XR-5)
  • Motorized zoom telescope
  • Aiming telescope
  • Near-infrared pulsed laser beam
  • Video display terminal
  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Recorded video
  • User-friendly, intuitive user interface
  • GPS
  • Target georeferencing systems: laser range finder


Active imaging is a powerful technique that delivers real tactical advantages. Users and major integrators agree: images are far superior to those generated by thermal imaging and light intensification. Obzerv is raising the bar.

Best long-range imaging performance

The ARGC-2400's integrated patent pending laser illuminator delivers unprecedented performance for long-range surveillance. Conventional laser sources lack the power and beam uniformity needed for long-range high image quality.

Real-time operation in total darkness

Obzerv's exclusive range gating technology lets you operate in total darkness. Conventional night vision systems require moonlight or other ambient light. The ARGC-2400 acquires real-time videos (standard video speed of 30 frames per second), which ensures that every critical detail is recorded.

Resist parasitic light; perform in bad weather

Range gating technology enables the ARGC-2400 to capture and display clear visual data without interference from parasitic light and adverse weather conditions (snow, fog, rain) frequently encountered in coast guard surveillance, antiterrorism operations, and search and rescue missions.

See through glass and detect camouflage nets

The wavelength range of the patent pending laser illuminator is currently between 800 nm and 900 nm. Within this range, operators are able to see through glass: car windshields, helicopters, planes, and windows.

IntÚrieur de la voiture IntÚrieur de la voiture
Active imaging makes night vision through glass possible

Within this wavelength range, camouflage nets are readily seen. Yet these nets are designed to be undetectable through IR (3 to 12 microns) and visible light systems as well as radar.

Affordable high magnification telescope

Because the system operates in the 800 to 900 nm range, the optical components required for optimal performance are not expensive. However, high-magnification IR thermal imagers require sophisticated telescopes built with specialized, high-cost materials. So their built-in costs are much higher.

Robust cost effective design

The system is rugged and waterproof. Use it as a stand-alone camera to monitor remote battlefield areas.  Or install it on any stabilized platform such as a pan-and-tilt helicopter platform or tank platform. The system can also be slaved to radar or other detection systems.

Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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