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This new integrated solution builds on the unique performance of Obzerv's flagship product the ARGC-2400 and Flir's ThermoVision 2000/3000 camera.

The cameras are installed together on the same post. The ThermoVision 2000/3000 camera is used for its detection capabilities to scan the horizon. Once a target is detected the operator uses the ARGC-2400 to classify and identify the target.

Obzerv's ARGC-2400/ThermoVision solution in action

Using Thermal Imaging capabilities of the solution the operator detects a large ship cruising off the coast at 20ákm. The next step for the operator is to engage the Range-Gating Imaging function. Once enabled, the Ranged-Gating capabilities are allowing the operator to recognize the ship at 20ákm, read her name at distance less than 10ákm and even assess the height of the flotation line, hence, becoming fully empowered to take the appropriate decision and action.

Without the appropriate information, it is impossible for an operator to properly assess a given situation. Obzerv's ARGC-2400/ThermoVision integrated solution is responding to the challenge and empowering operators with time critical information provided by the unique combination of Thermal & Ranged-Gating Imaging.


  • Obzerv's ARGC-2400 camera
  • Flir's ThermoVision 2000/3000 (multi-sensor optional)
  • Motorized Pan & Tilt
  • Eye safe laser range finder (optional)
  • Video motion detection software (optional)
  • Geo-referencing and mapping interface (optional)


This solution is designed for long-range Detection, Classification and Identification, its key features are:

Thermal Imaging Extreme long range detection and excellent image quality, even through smoke and dust (> 20 km)
Laser Range-Gated Imaging Extreme long range Classification (>15 km) and Identification (6 km)
Real-time operation in total darkness No need for external light source or moonlight
Performing under degraded weather conditions (snow, fog, rain) Strategic Surveillance advantage for Classification and Identification
No sensitivity to external light source No impact for the Classification and Identification of targets under direct or indirect light source
See through glass Strategic Surveillance advantage for Classification and Identification
Detect camouflage nets Provides location of hidden material
Detection of Pointed Optics Detection of binoculars, gun sights, retro-reflecting stripes (life vest), eyes, etc. hence providing decisive Surveillance, Classification and Identification advantages
Resistant to laser aggression weapons Deployable in hostile locations
Advanced GPS based geo-mapping and target positioning (optional)
Pinpoint suspect locations in real time on mapping display
Programmable search pattern (optional) Reduces operator workload
Video motion detection (optional) Reduces operator workload
Eye safe laser range finder (optional) Acquire precision target range and location when integrated with mapping software



  • Reducing infrastructure costs
    • Less cameras to cover a larger area
  • Reducing threat assessment cost
    • No false intervention
  • Increasing preparation time to intervene
    • Early warning / identification
  • Improving identification of targets
    • Under harsh weather conditions
    • No sensitivity to environment lighting
    • Detection of Pointed Optics
  • Reducing collateral damages and costs
Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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