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Obzerv's innovative night vision systems are based on two core technologies : range-gating and the patent pending laser illuminator.

Range-Gating Technology

Obzerv's active imaging systems incorporate range gating technology, also known as time gating technology. Unlike other night vision technologies, range gating does not require ambient light sources or suitable moonlight to function effectively.

Range-gating technology combines two key components: a pulsed patent pending laser beam and specially designed camera intensifiers that open and close at high speeds (once every few hundred nanoseconds).

Once the camera intensifiers and the laser beam pulses are synchronized, the integrated high-speed electronic camera will turn on at just the right instant, when conditions are split-second perfect for accurate viewing. Gating technology lets operators select a specific slice of space, so they view the target site, minus any distortion. Through range gating, the camera obtains smooth, accurate images — no over-exposure, no blank shots, and no wasted footage. High speed and precision make all the difference.

Obzerv - range gating technology
  • A laser pulse is emitted at t0 (while camera is closed)
  • At t1, the laser pulse is reflected by the targeted object
  • At t2, the camera is opened for a short period (Δt) corresponding to the desired depth of view

Excess Light Never A Problem

Interference from strong parasitic light or water vapor from rain, fog, or snow (which can reflect the illuminator laser beam in front of the selected scene) is greatly reduced. That's because of the synchronization between the light source and the camera sensor. Reflections arrive too early for the camera, when the sensor is off. And because the sensor is almost always off, the camera is not affected by parasitic light sources.

The result: the light from the pulsed laser in the camera cuts through bad weather and obstacles such as glass more cleanly than any other night vision technology on the market. The Obzerv camera is never blinded by parasitic light, unlike intensified and thermal cameras.

What's more, the Obzerv system enables better image quality than conventional technologies. By selecting a gate width (slice of space) that is thin enough, we improve the target to noise ratio.

400 m without range-gating technology 400 m with range-gating technology
400 m without range-gating technology 400 m with range-gating technology

Patent Pending Laser Source Technology

The heart of the Obzerv laser source is its patented laser bar packaging and its unique illumination shape. With it, we're able to produce extremely powerful and efficient illuminators that deliver uniform beams which perfectly match the field of view. These properties are essential for illuminating objects at long distances and for generating high-quality images.

The Obzerv laser sources developed for integration into active imaging systems provide the best performance for long-range image quality. Existing laser sources lack the power and beam uniformity to produce images with the quality needed for legal evidence.

Patent Pending Laser Illuminator Benefits

Power and pulse capacity :

- surveillance in difficult weather conditions.

Exclusive laser source :

- outperforms competing products in image quality and power.

Efficient operating wavelength :

- lower-cost telescopes specified, (unlike thermal imagers that require specialized telescopes made of exotic material).

Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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