Active Range-Gated

Night Vision Cameras

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  • Preparing for intervention activities
  • Evidence gathering (contraband, drugs, organized crime)
  • License plate identification

Police forces are increasingly responsible for curbing terrorism, vandalism, and random violence. For increased police and public safety, Obzerv envisages two solutions: short-range intervention and long-range surveillance.

Portable Product

Obzerv designed a portable night vision system based on the exclusive active imaging technology now available in the ARGC-750. Expect to deploy this new product for intervention in attack situations for counter-measures in hostage scenarios.

Long-Range Product

The ARGC-2400 is especially effective for :

  • investigations and wide-perimeter surveillance
  • interventions against contraband smugglers, drug traffickers, and organized crime

During night-time operations, police officers deploying the ARGC-2400 can read license plates at a distance of up to 1.2 km and conduct evidence-gathering activities from up to 1 km away. High-quality images can be used as legal evidence in criminal trials.

ARGC-2400 - Police

  • Identification inside a car, 300 m Identification inside a car, 300 m
    Identification inside a car, 300 m
    With the ARGC cameras, it is possible to see through glass. In the video, it is possible to identify the two men sat in the car and even to observe small details such as the butterfly on the rear-view mirror in order to gather evidences.
Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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