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This new Modular Active Range-Gated Camera will fast track the deployment of Active Range-Gated Imaging capability in existing Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets.

Obzerv provides the smallest possible payload to enable its integration in existing Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets without sacrificing other capabilities.

The benefits of integrating an Active Range-Gating Imaging sensor into a Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets are numerous and would apply to a large number of airborne applications such as but not limited to: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), law enforcement, fishery control and monitoring of environmental compliance to regulation, all of which that can now be conducted at safe stand-off ranges. Another notable application for such product is Search and Rescue (SAR). Specifically in the case of Airborne SAR missions at sea, Obzerv's technology could drastically improve the success rate since the reflective stripes of life vests, or flotation devices, appear like a light beckon when observed with an Active Range-Gated Camera. Furthermore, Obzerv's technology has the inherent ability to display the difference in reflectivity between camouflage nets and the environment where they are used, an undeniable tactical advantage when performing airborne recon missions.


Three separate modules make up the active range-gated airborne system

  • The Camera Module
    • A very compact intensified horizontal camera
  • The Optical Module
    • A triple divergence laser (1░, 5░ and ░)
    • A color camera with a wide field of view (1.2░ to 47░)
  • A Control Module


This solution is designed for long-range Detection, Classification and Identification, its key features are:

Laser Range-Gated Imaging Extreme long range typocal 5 to 20 km
Real-time operation in total darkness No need for external light source or moonlight
Performing under degraded weather conditions (snow, fog, rain) Strategic Surveillance advantage for Classification and Identification
No sensitivity to external light source No impact for the Classification and Identification of targets under direct or indirect light source
See through glass Strategic Surveillance advantage for Classification and Identification
Detect camouflage nets Provides location of hidden material
Detection of Pointed Optics Detection of binoculars, gun sights, retro-reflecting stripes (life vest, flotation devices), eyes, etc. hence providing decisive Surveillance, Classification and Identification advantages



  • Increasing standoff range
  • Reducing threat assessment cost
    • No false intervention
  • Improving identification of targets
    • Under harsh weather conditions
    • No sensitivity to environment lighting
    • Detection of Pointed Optics
    • Detection of reflective materials (life vests, flotation devices, etc)
  • Reducing collateral damages and costs
Obzerv's active range-gating technology
A breakthrough technology that provides superior identification and recognition capabilities compared to the best thermal imager. Obzerv's cameras have raised the bar in the surveillance market.
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